'full of distictive and original compositions and consistently fine piano it because she's something special" BBC Radio 2 ' Best of Jazz'

In 1995 Andrea was nominated for the BBC jazz awards following the success of her second CD. Cementing Andrea's reputation as a risk-taking eclectic composer, "Lunar Spell" features some of the most powerful improvisors on the UK scene; including Mornington Lockett (of Jim Mullen, Jimmy Smith, Ronnie Scott Sextet, Stan Tracey etc.) and Phil Robson (of Partisans, Django Bates, Chris Tobin, John Patton, Tim Garland, BBC Big Band etc.).

"As her previous CD showed, Andrea Vicari is a composer of formidable range. She moves easily from complex ear-tricking rhythmic devices to a kind of pastoral lyricism while remaining recognisably herself...the variety of texture and colour (the band) are able to draw from this standard line-up is truly remarkable"
DAVE GELLY The Observer
"Andrea Vicari shares with Django Bates an irreverant wit and a wanton disregard for musical borders. Yet she can swing with the best of them" NEVILLE HADSLEY - BIRMINGHAM POST

The music demonstrates Andrea's range as a composer. African township jive rubs shoulders with slinky cuban dance music, blues and folk song. Complex polyrhythmic time signatures give way to soulful ballads; all relentlessly deconstructed and rebuilt from the ground up by the exquisite solos of Mornington Lockett; Phil Robson and of course Andrea herself.



Recorded at The Premises Studio,
201-203 Hackney Road, London E2
on 24 track Alessis ADAT
using B&W 801 Matrix Speakers.
Producer : Austin Ince
Engineers: Dill Katz &
Simon Zagorski-Thomas
Mastering : Mike Mower
Executive Producer for 33 Records: Paul Jolly
Photography : David Harrison
Make-up : Kayte Hughes,
Clare-Louise Stuart
Album Design : Dorian Lockett
Piano provided by
Steinway and Sons
COPYRIGHT ©  1995 Andrea Vicari (PRS/MCPS)
All compositions and arrangements by Andrea Vicari.

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1. you're reported

2. the blue, green and space

3. chequemate

4. bedsprings

5. the way you treat people

6. lunar spell

7. the birthday song

8. voy a tomar !

9. last chair blues

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